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Seafood dishes
Seafood dishes
Seafood dishes


Seafood crudites


½ carpaccio, 2 shrimp, 2 scampi, 2 oysters

* Mixed Seafood appetizers


Mixed seafood salad / Fischplatte mit verschiedenen Fischsorten

Mussel and clam soup


Mussel and clam soup / Suppe mit Miesmuscheln und Arsellen

Smoked swordfish and tuna


Swordfish and smoked tuna / geräucherter Thunfisch-Schwwerzfisch

Sautéed mussels


Mussels with garlic and oil / Miesmuscheln nach Matrosenart

* Octopus salad with potatoes


Polyp with potatoes / Tintenfischsalad mit Kartoffeln

Shrimps with lemon, oil and rocket salad


Shrimps with oil, lemon and rocket salad / Gamelen mit Zitrone und Rucola

Prawn cocktail in pink sauce


Prawn cocktail / Krabbencocktail

Fish carpaccio

Rustic Sardinian appetizer


Sardinian Starter / Gemischte Vorspeise nach sardischer Art

Ham and melon


Melon with ham / Shinken mit Melone

Selection of Sardinian cheeses


Selection of Cheeses / Auswahl Sardischer Käsesorten

* Products that may be frozen

First Courses



* Spaghetti with lobster (min. 2 pers.)


Spaghetti with crayfish tomato sauce / Spaghetti mit Languste

* Bavette all'astiche (min. 2 pers.)


Bavette with lobster tomato sauce / Bavette mit Hummer und Tomatensosse

* Spaghetti with small crayfish (min. 2 pers.)


Spaghetti with small crayfish / Spaghetti mit kleinen Langusten

* Pennette with scampi


Pennette with scampi (prawns) / Pennette mit Scampi

Seafood risotto (min. 2 pers.)


Seafood Risotto / Risotto mit Meeresfruchten

* Spaghetti with sea-urchins


Spaghetti with sea-urchins / Spaghetti mit Seeigeln

Clam and roe spaghetti


Spaghetti with clams and roe / Spaghetti mit Venusmuscheln und Botargo

Spaghetti with clams


Spaghetti with clams / Spaghetti mit Venusmuscheln

Pennette with salmon


Pennette with salmon / Pennette mit Lachs

* Frozen Products that, subject to availability, authorised staff will list as fresh




Gallura "Pulicioni" ravioli (stuffed with sweet ricotta)


Ravioli with sweet ricotta cheese and tomato sauce / Ravioli gefüllt mit sussen Kase

Homemade ravioli (stuffed with ricotta)


Ravioli with ricotta cheese filling and tomato sauce / Ravioli nach Art des Hauses

Malloreddus or Chiusoni (gnocchi with sausage sauce)


Gnocchi with sausage and tomato sauce / Sardishe teigtaschen-griessklosschen

Cuata soup (bread, meat broth, tomato and pecorino cheese)


Cuata soup (bread and cheese) / Brotsuppe mit schafsbrue, Tomaten und PecorinoKase

Vegetable soup


Vegetable soup / Gemüsesuppe

Spaghetti Carbonara


Spaghetti with bacon, cheese and eggs / Spaghetti mit Speck und Eier

Pennette Arrabbiata


Pasta with bacon and hot spicy Tomatosauce / Pennette mit sehr scharfer Tomatensosse und Speck

Spaghetti with tomato sauce


Spaghetti with tomato sauce / Spaghetti mit Tomatesosse

Second courses



The catch of the day grilled or with Vernaccia


Coast fish cooked on the grill or with wine / Gemischte Fishplatte vom Grill

Grilled sea bass or sea bream


Grilled sea bass or sea bream / Seebarsch oder Goldbrasse vom Grill

Mixed grilled fish


Mixed grilled fish / Gemischte Fishplatte vom Grill

* Grilled calamari and cuttlefish


Grilled squid and cuttlefish / Gegrilte Tintenfische

* Grilled swordfish slices or fresh tuna


Swordfish / Gegrilltes Stuck Schwertfisch

* Parmesan sole


Fillet of sole / Seezunge mit Parmesankase überbacken

* Mixed fried fish


Mixed fried fish and shellfish / Frittierte Kleine Fische

* Grilled shellfish


Grilled shellfish / Krustentiere vom Grill

* Fried calamari


Fried squid / Frittierte Tintenfischringe

* Grilled prawns


Grilled Prawns / Riesengarnelen vom Grill

Catalan style crayfish


Crayfish with tomatoes and onion / Languse nach mit Tomaten und Zwiebeln

Catalan style lobster

For lobster reservations are recommended


* Frozen Products that, subject to availability, authorised staff will list as fresh





Fillet with green pepper sauce (300 grams)


Fillet with green pepper sauce / Rinderfilet in Pfeffersosse

Grilled fillet (300 grams)


Grilled fillet / Gegrilltes Filet

Sliced ​​beef with rocket and Grana parmesan


Grilled beef rocket salad and parmesan

Grilled lamb chops


Grilled lamb chops / Lammkoteletts vom Grill

Milanese style breaded veal cutlet


Milanese style breaded veal cutlets / Paniertes Schnitzel nach Wiener Art

Sardinian suckling pig with myrtle fragrance accompanied by baked potatoes (on reservation)


Roast Sardinian pork with potatoes (on reservation) / "Ferkel sardischer Art" gekocht in Mirto und als Beilage Ofenkartofeln (Vorbestellung erforderlich

Our Side Dishes

Mixed salad


Mixed salad / Gemischter Salat

Rich Tuna salad, sweetcorn, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, mozzarella, carrots


Tunfish, Mais, Oliven, Tomaten, gruner Salad, Mozzarella, Karotten



Chips / Pommes frites

Boiled vegetables


Mixed boiled vegetables / Gekochtes Gemuse

Grilled vegetables


Grilled vegetables / Gegrilltes Gemuse

Caprese with buffalo mozzarella


Tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella / Tomatensalat mit Buffelmozzarella

Desserts and Drinks

Seadas with honey


Fried ravioli with cheese and honey / Susse Ravioli mit frischem Kase und Honig

Panna cotta


Panna cotta / Sahnedessert mit karamelsosse

Crème Catalana


Catalan cream / Katalanische Creme

Fresh ricotta ravioli with strawberry honey


Ravioli with ricotta cheese and honey / Fritierte susse Ravioli

Lemon Sorbet


Lemon sorbet / Sorbet (Zitroneneis mit Wodka)

Creme caramel


Creme caramel / Karamelcreme


Still and sparkling mineral water


Wasser still oder gas

Canned soft drinks


Getranke in Dosen

Bottled foreign beer


Ausländische Flaschenbiere

Bottled Italian beer


National Flaschenbiere

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